NYE Countdown 2018 | DANCE DEMO VERSION (HD)

DEMO version in Mono and 1080p (FULL VERSION AVAILABLE IN 720p, 1080p, 2K and 4K)
“Just hit play at 11:56pm, and Walk-Away!”
Download yours: NYECountdown.com
The Official NYE Countdown is all new for 2018. Complete with jaw dropping, high intensity graphics and incredible effects that will have your crowds staying WAY past midnight. Yours will be completely personalized with a professional voiceover saying your Dj name, Club or Business inside the HD countdown. Plus, YOUR business logo or even your sponsors for the night will be displayed in the corner.
For promotional use only. Mix your own music within the 4 minute Countdown template. NYECountdown.com for more details.
Strictly for professional, working Djs, Nightclubs, Restaurants, Hotels, Casinos, Promoters and Radio Stations WORLDWIDE.
Available is 4 different languages.
English | Français | Español | Deutsche
The ULTIMATE DJ TOOL for New Year's Eve for the last 18 years!